Working Groups

Working Groups and Committees are how we organize most of our work. LKDSA Members can be a part of as many working groups and committees as they like. Working Groups and Committees have a set timeframe and goal that are voted on and ratified by our chapter members.

If you’d like to ask about a committee you can use the contact links below, email the chapter at, or attend one of our General Meetings or Socials.

Check our calendar for upcoming events.


Our Electoral Working Group coordinates our work with elected officials and legislation.  Whether it’s researching local issues, getting information to voters, or antagonizing elected officials, the Electoral Working Group pushes for material change for working class people.

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The Healthcare Working Group is fighting for health justice! The Healthcare Working Group is working on the nationwide DSA campaign for Medicare for All as well as state and local health issues.

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The Housing Working Group exists to organize around housing issues in our community. The current focus is to improve the lives of renters in Lawrence. Meetings are typically held on the Second Tuesday of the Month.

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 Labor Committee

The LKDSA Labor Committee is a persistent committee focused on the labor struggle in and around Lawrence. Organized labor is a crucial tool for the working class and our Labor Committee works to assist and organize workers.

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 Mutual Aid

The Mutual Aid Working Group works to provide material solidarity to our community. At our recent Mutual Aid event we distributed free winter-preparedness packs with warm clothing and snacks at locations downtown and on KU campus.

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The Newsletter Working Group is creating The Free State Worker to inform the public about important political issues (particularly how they affect Lawrence and Douglas County directly), legislative proposals, upcoming actions and events, and more.

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 Reading Group

Reading Group meets monthly to discuss longer texts like books, essays, or small collections. Texts are announced a month ahead of each meeting to allow enough time to read them before the meeting. Meetings are typically on the last Monday of the month and are open to all.

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 Socialist Education

The Socialist Education Working Group is creating a core curriculum of Socialist Theory and History. SEWG holds a weekly Theory Reading Group (both online and in-person) where we read a piece of classic Socialist theory aloud.

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 Socialist Feminism

The Socialist Feminism Working Group works to advance the struggle for Feminist liberation. The Socialist Feminism Working Group is currently focused on preparing for Women’s March in January and the Women’s Strike in March.

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The Transport Working Group is working to help with the transportation of other working groups, committees, and regional DSA actions.

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