January Reading Group

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This month, after much anticipation, we will be discussing State and Revolution by the absolute lad V. I. Lenin on Wednesday, January 28th at 7pm at S&S Artisan Pub and Coffeehouse. (Please note the place change!)

State and Rev is one of Lenin’s most enduring and important works on the role and nature of the bourgeois state on both sides of the proletarian revolution. Courtesy of the Steering Committee, there will be a few free paperback copies available at the next general meeting. You can also find it online for free at the Marxist Archive. Any edition is fine however—the text and its ideas continue to be relevant regardless of the publication date.

Come with your observations, questions, and connections! All are welcome.

So to repeat: the next Reading Group meeting will be January 28th @ 7pm and we’ll be talking State and Revolution. I, for one, can’t wait.

August Reading Group

Hi hi hi everyone! Happy last week of August!

Tonight at 7:30pm in Room B of the LPL is Reading Group! There is no assigned reading tonight. Instead, we’re doing our 2nd ever Lefty Show and Tell! Have you read, watched, or heard something that speaks to your socialist heart and want to talk about it? Perfect! Read, watched, or heard something that is so ridiculous you need to vent about it? Also perfect! Have a question or observation you want to talk about in a room full of your socialist comrades? Can’t express how perfect that is too.

See you there tonight!

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July Reading Group

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Get ready for our next installment of the LKS DSA Reading Group! It’s coming up in 2 weeks, on July 30th at 7pm in the Lawrence Public Library, room C.

This time we’ll be talking about the excellent, award-winning essay “Community, Democracy, and Mutual Aid: Toward Dual Power and Beyond” by the Symbiosis Research Collective. (That link goes directly to the pdf.)

You want a hook? Here’s a doozy of one:

The next system is more likely to succeed and endure if we steadily transform
existing institutions, modes of production, and ways of relating to one another
rather than try to conjure up a whole new system out of thin air. The heart
of our argument is that building networks of radically democratic, cooperative
institutions can sustain our communities and our collective struggle in
the near term, organize our base to win fights with the state and private sector,
begin eroding public support for the current dysfunctional system, and, in
time, become the dominant institutions of tomorrow’s world. Our proposal
integrates process and objective, with democracy and community as both the
means and the ends of social transformation. Filling in the gaps between “scientific”
socialist analysis and utopian imagination, we have attempted something
the Left has always struggled to create: a realistic transition model to a
post-capitalist world.

Bring a friend! Eat some snacks! See you there!

June Reading Group

dsa-reading group propFollowing up on the great training at this month’s General Meeting (thanks KP for leading it, Rose for walking us through organizing conversations, and Hannah for developing it!), this month we’re going to read up on the science of organizing!

So, we’ve got 2 articles published by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and written by Steve Williams. Both are about the transformative organizing model, the first about how to do it right and the second is the lessons learned from it. The links to the pdfs are below.

This month’s Reading Group will be on Monday, June 25 at 7pm in Room C of the Lawrence Public Library.

Transformative Organizing

Demand Everything

April Reading Group

PB06881.jpgSorry for the late posting folks, but here’s the deets for this month’s Reading Group. We also send these out by email, and if you’re not getting those, please do hit the big ole join buttons strewn around the site.

Alright, so for Reading Group this month, we’re going to be diving into The Socialist Feminist Project edited by Nancy Holmstrom (link goes to publisher site). Read the introduction, and then choose whichever chapters in the rest of the book that seem interesting or important to you! When we meet on 4/30 (7pm, LPL room C), we’ll all share the different chapters we’ve read and have a great discussion about all the exciting, vital things happening in socialist feminism.

You can buy the book from any reputable bookseller, or get in contact with the Reading Group point person Nate via the chapter email at the bottom of this website or on twitter @ghostlenin.

February Reading Group


A quick update since then when and where have changed slightly after Feb’s General Meeting:

This month’s Reading Group meeting will be on Monday, 26 February at 7pm in Meeting Room A of the LPL. We’ll be covering A Companion to Marx’s Capital, vol. 1, chapters 1-5, by David Harvey.

As always, if you have questions or need access to a copy of the book, shoot us an email.

January Reading Group

By popular demand (and bc it’s a hella good book), we’re going to cover October by China Miéville. This month we’ll be meeting on Tuesday, Jan 30 at the Library at 7pm in Meeting Room B (C wasn’t available). I think B is the one behind the librarian desk when you come down into the bottom floor.
IF YOU STILL NEED A COPY OF THE BOOK, twitter dm Nate (@ghostlenin) or shoot us an email.
If Tuesdays don’t work for you, let us know! We’ll be talking about that at the meeting.