July Reading Group

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Get ready for our next installment of the LKS DSA Reading Group! It’s coming up in 2 weeks, on July 30th at 7pm in the Lawrence Public Library, room C.

This time we’ll be talking about the excellent, award-winning essay “Community, Democracy, and Mutual Aid: Toward Dual Power and Beyond” by the Symbiosis Research Collective. (That link goes directly to the pdf.)

You want a hook? Here’s a doozy of one:

The next system is more likely to succeed and endure if we steadily transform
existing institutions, modes of production, and ways of relating to one another
rather than try to conjure up a whole new system out of thin air. The heart
of our argument is that building networks of radically democratic, cooperative
institutions can sustain our communities and our collective struggle in
the near term, organize our base to win fights with the state and private sector,
begin eroding public support for the current dysfunctional system, and, in
time, become the dominant institutions of tomorrow’s world. Our proposal
integrates process and objective, with democracy and community as both the
means and the ends of social transformation. Filling in the gaps between “scientific”
socialist analysis and utopian imagination, we have attempted something
the Left has always struggled to create: a realistic transition model to a
post-capitalist world.

Bring a friend! Eat some snacks! See you there!

July General Meeting

Whoa June came and went real quick.

It’s that time again friends, the first Monday of the month (July this time) is right around the corner, so you know what that means–it’s General Meeting time! 7/2 @ 7pm, LPL.

Fresh off the electrifying election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in NY14 (so pumped about that) we’re coming into the back half of the year all revved up. We’ve got a few things on the docket and word on the street is there’s gonna be food. Come get it!

We even made a facebook event post for the General Meeting that is in fact the very first event posted on our brand new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lawrenceksdsa/. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe.



Join us for a nice picnic evening, Monday June 11th at 7pm in South Park near the gazebo. Bring food and drinks to share!

It’s summer time and everybody could use a little chill time with their DSA homies, so come join us, get some socializing in, get some food in ya, get some good times.

June Reading Group

dsa-reading group propFollowing up on the great training at this month’s General Meeting (thanks KP for leading it, Rose for walking us through organizing conversations, and Hannah for developing it!), this month we’re going to read up on the science of organizing!

So, we’ve got 2 articles published by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung and written by Steve Williams. Both are about the transformative organizing model, the first about how to do it right and the second is the lessons learned from it. The links to the pdfs are below.

This month’s Reading Group will be on Monday, June 25 at 7pm in Room C of the Lawrence Public Library.

Transformative Organizing

Demand Everything

June General Meeting

We’re back to the same bat-time, same bat-channel of our meetings, meaning that we’re good to go for our June General Meeting on Monday 6/4 at 7pm at the Lawrence Public Library in room C.

If this will be your first time coming, or if you’re bringing somebody new, swing by a few minutes early for a little meet-n-greet with Orgcom, we’d love to get to know you a bit.

See you there!

April Reading Group

PB06881.jpgSorry for the late posting folks, but here’s the deets for this month’s Reading Group. We also send these out by email, and if you’re not getting those, please do hit the big ole join buttons strewn around the site.

Alright, so for Reading Group this month, we’re going to be diving into The Socialist Feminist Project edited by Nancy Holmstrom (link goes to publisher site). Read the introduction, and then choose whichever chapters in the rest of the book that seem interesting or important to you! When we meet on 4/30 (7pm, LPL room C), we’ll all share the different chapters we’ve read and have a great discussion about all the exciting, vital things happening in socialist feminism.

You can buy the book from any reputable bookseller, or get in contact with the Reading Group point person Nate via the chapter email at the bottom of this website or on twitter @ghostlenin.

April General Meeting

April’s General Meeting will be on 4/2/2018 at 7:30pm in the Lawrence Public Library in meeting room A.

You better believe we’re going to talk about some great stuff, like:

  • the Medicare for All events (including the Final Fridays tabling event recap on 3/30)
  • looking at and working on some bylaws
  • updates on Official Trainings
  • discussing the upcoming regional DSA camping trip with people from a bunch of other Kansas/Missouri/Nebraska/Oklahoma chapters
  • plus anything that you want to bring up!

So come on down! If this is your first meeting, feel free to show up a few minutes early to meet the Orgcom and introduce yourself.

March General Meeting

March’s General Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 7th at 7pm in the LPL.

Things we’ll be covering? Here’s some:

  • Election results and confirmations!
  • The International Women’s Strike!
  • Upcoming actions for Medicare For All!
  • Group breakout sessions for drafting materials we can hand out!
  • Brainstorming and wishlisting for chapter bylaws!


The time is upon us to vote in actual officers for the chapter. Voting is online, at this link:


Ballots are open until 3/6 at 11:59pm, and then we’ll confirm the winners at the March General Meeting on 3/7. You will have to provide your email address on the ballot so we can do things like control against voter fraud.

Here are the nomination statements:


Kaitlyn Preut:

I have been helping to organize the Lawrence DSA chapter since last June. In that time I’ve helped to organize meetings, tabling at KU, and have done various secretorial tasks such as sending out emails. I will be in Lawrence for at least 4 more years and would love to help grow this chapter. Above all, I want to help create a much kinder world where people care deeply for one another and everyone’s needs are met. I believe DSA is the best organization for reaching that goal and I would love to be co-chair of our chapter.

Nate Pickett:

My name’s Nate and I’m running for one of the two co-chair positions for Lawrence DSA. I’ve been active in the chapter since last August, have been a member of the provisional organizing committee since September, and have been coordinating Reading Group since October. My main focus as a co-chair is going to be on building–building up the camaraderie and socialist spirit of our current membership, building up our ranks through recruitment and outreach, and building solid institutions and practices within the chapter so we have a strong foundation as a radically transparent, safe, friendly, active, and growing community.


Kellin Bruce:

It’s me! The person writing this! Last year at about this time, I was looking at starting a YDSA Chapter in Lawrence, and was pointed toward this chapter, which already existed, much to my surprise. Last summer when the chapter was revived, I was at the first meeting, and was brought onto the Provisional Government a bit after that, and have been here since. The left is a place where everyone should do what they are best equipped to do and most passionate about, and for me, that’s writing and talking to people. This role is exactly that, and I hope to live up to the other general secretaries of leftist history, who have all set fantastic standards I’m sure, even though I’ve never heard of any of them, and will not look them up. Please do not correct me on this belief.


Christian Sisler:

We are living in an era in which Socialism in our country remains either a scary nightmare for some, and for others it is a utopian vision that can never work. Many misconceptions arise out of a lack of knowledge on what socialism is. There is a void in this nation that allows arrogance to define what Socialism is for us. That void is constituted of the lack of a strong, loud, Socialist voice that cries out for justice and the abolition of capitalist exploitation.

I believe DSA has the ability to command that Socialist voice, independent of the scourge of bourgeois politics. But this will only be possible if we work together at the ground level to establish a wide foundation for our politics to be built upon. We must clearly define who our base is, the working-class and oppressed peoples, and we must fight for them without shame. When our base is defined, we must take action to build the foundation of our Socialist movement, so that we may grow skywards.

I take this issue of base-building very seriously. Indeed, it is the main focus of my involvement within DSA. When our base expands, so too does our ability to work and fight for that base. I imagine a future where we have the ability to undermine the stranglehold of capital through direct action of the working class, like work stoppages, and the construction of strong unions so that the working class may engage in collective bargaining. I imagine a future free of racism and sexism. A future where all the deceitful tactics employed by the bourgeois class that are intended to divide us are abolished. From the lowest among us will spring the spirit of revolution, and that spirit will usher us into a new era of freedom!

But this new era of freedom can only be achieved if we work together today to bring to fruition the movement of tomorrow.

We need to be out there raising our Socialist voice so that the people of Kansas can know that we aren’t the boogeymen of a bygone era. We are their neighbors, friends, and coworkers. Our politics are borne out of love. And it is because of that love that we are compelled to fight for the liberation of all Kansans, and indeed all Americans. We have nothing to lose but our chains!

I’m Christian Sisler. An unabashed Marxist and a lover of Justice and the American People. I’m asking for your vote to elect me as the Chair of the Community Outreach Committee.


Peter Federman:

I believe I’d be a good choice for treasurer for the following reasons:

  • I have experience serving as treasurer for multiple student organizations during my time as an undergraduate.
  • In my working life, I have extensive experience managing large budgets, tracking the flow of cash and expenditures.
  • I am in favor of a fully transparent financial process for Lawrence DSA, where information regarding the intake of funds and expenditures of the chapter are fully available to anyone who requests them.
  • I will work diligently to set up a financial system that is simple, clear, and easy for a new treasurer to take over in the future, as opposed to developing a system where the institutional knowledge leaves with me.
  • I am dedicated to helping Lawrence DSA develop an organizational structure and bylaws that will help the organization flourish in the years to come.


Hamza Hameed:

Being a person of color has been critical for making me more cognizant of the issues that face our communities due to capitalism and racism. Opposition to socialism is often times closely related to feelings of white supremacy and superiority over the Global South. If elected, I hope to work with numerous different groups in Lawrence and KU, such as BLM, to bring more POC into this organization and connect our current struggles with the struggles of the past, where socialism played a big part in the Civil Rights Movement and numerous movements afterwards, especially as was seen in the Black Panther Party. Many of the leading popular causes in the US today, like prison and policing abolition and universal health care, have been led by socialist POC even long before the DSA was popular. I believe that it is necessary to take back the long history of socialism as it pertains to POC in this country, as it has been purposefully hidden from us for far too long.