May 2019 General Meeting Agenda

The April 2019 General Meeting will be on Monday, May 6th at 7PM in the Ecumenical Campus Ministry Building (1204 Oread Ave). Childcare will be provided on-site.

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows. Time estimates in parentheses.

(5:00) Ice-Breaker

(1:00) Overview of Robert’s Rules / Community Agreements

(1:00) Quorum Check

(2:00) Open Floor for adding items to the agenda

(2:00) Vote on Agenda

(10:00) Reportbacks / Intro to Working Groups

(10:00) Discuss with Working Groups!

(1:00) Call for Dues Renewal

(32:00) Chapter Business Track (For Dues Payers or Regular Attendees)

  • (3:00) Announcement of Election Results for Secretary & Social Media Com Chair
  • (5:00) Social Media Security Discussion
  • (7:00) Bylaw Amendment Committee 2
  • (3:00) Announcement of National Delegate Election Rules
  • (1:00) Announcement of National Delegate Election Meeting
  • (3:00) Overview and vote on creating the Electoral Working Group
  • (10:00) Discussion on electoral WG plan

(32:00) New Attendee Track (For New or Prospective Members)

  • (8:00) Small Group Discussion
  • (12:00) Explainer about How DSA Works (Locally, Regionally, Nationally)
  • (10:00) Question and Answer about DSA
  • (2:00) Call To Action

(5:00) All Attendees Meet Back Up for Open Floor

(5:00) Announcement of Revolution School

(2:00) Plan for Next General Meeting

(3:00) Close Out