April Reading Group

PB06881.jpgSorry for the late posting folks, but here’s the deets for this month’s Reading Group. We also send these out by email, and if you’re not getting those, please do hit the big ole join buttons strewn around the site.

Alright, so for Reading Group this month, we’re going to be diving into The Socialist Feminist Project edited by Nancy Holmstrom (link goes to publisher site). Read the introduction, and then choose whichever chapters in the rest of the book that seem interesting or important to you! When we meet on 4/30 (7pm, LPL room C), we’ll all share the different chapters we’ve read and have a great discussion about all the exciting, vital things happening in socialist feminism.

You can buy the book from any reputable bookseller, or get in contact with the Reading Group point person Nate via the chapter email at the bottom of this website or on twitter @ghostlenin.

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